Friday, December 24, 2010

Tanjong Golden Village(TGV) 1 Utama

Tanjong Golden Village

Welcome back to the cinema introduction blog post,this is my 2nd post about introducing cinema to you all!Because this blog is quite new,so I would like to introduce some smaller cinema to you all first to train my writing skill.So today I choose to introduce TGV 1 Utama to you all

1 Utama

Actually this cinema located in a very strategic place but unfortunately GSC who located in New Wing become the first choice for the shopper to watch movie.But,who say small isn't good??You will find somethings good about TGV 1 Utama too.
The birth of multiplexes in Malaysia began with TGV 1 Utama. Built in 1995,it revolutionised the movie-going scene and experience by introducing the multiplex concept. 

Box Office Counter

If you ask me what's the selling point of this cinema and my answer will be only one word--CHEAP!!The most expensive ticket is only RM9 and the cheapest ticket is RM6!How to find such a cheapest way to spent for a good movie?Here is the place.Imagine the weekend crowd and expensive ticket like RM12-13 for a normal screening movie,you will definately choose here to watch because less queue here and the cheap price.
For further more information about ticket selling price,you can click HERE

Movie Ticket

Here always my first choice for movie rather than New Wing that cinema when I am at 1 Utama,because I am using student card  and the price only...RM6

Concession Counter

The concession counter located beside the entrance of the hall.The crowd always more than people who buying movie ticket,weird right?My advice is you buy F&B first after that just buy movie ticket or if watching movie with friends,maybe you can buy ticket and your friend queue at here.Crowd will be increasing especially the big movie or the last minute b4 show start.
Nothing special about here,popcorn,softdrink,junk food,HotDogs and corn...Typical Malaysian cinema concession menu.

Entrance to the hall

 You can only enter the hall once the hall number show in the screen up there.My thought about this place is small and not convenient,this show that when a movie had so many audience,long queue here to enter the cinema.And I guess that not many people like to go up by stairs,right?

Here's the view when you go up.It total have 7 halls and 1612 seats.1-5 hall just walk straight and 6-7 hall turn right.

The view from upstairs

 Inside the hall

Here same as others TGV cinema,the seats from up to down.Sorry to say that the seats really small for me,but the good thing is here not as cold as other cinema.
The trailer+advertisement time before show start is 15 min,no need rush to go inside and take your time.
Tips:Sometimes the old movie(over 1 week++) screen quality will be bad,only choose some big Hollywood movie watched here


After show the exit not same as others cinema go to the end of the door and walk out!No,you must go out the hall and the exit near Hall 1.Don't waste your time to go to the door,just trust me!!


Wait wait wait,where is the toilet of here?The toilet is not inside,is at outside.Gentle reminder that better go to toilet befor show start,if you want go toilet in the middle of the show,you need to come out with ticket and go toilet,after that just go in.Making trouble to us,right?

Here is the entrance of toilet,beside the counter ticket.
Rate 5/10 for the movie watching place,still have more place to improve.


Level 2
One Utama Shopping Centre

47800, Petaling Jaya

Phone number



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  1. Wow! Very interesting blog you had here! Wish to connect with you! Cheers! =) (

  2. Thank you and hope u always support this blog

  3. I'd like to point out in contrast to your compliments about TGV in 1U, the GSC in 1U really SUUUCCKKS TO THE MAX., today is the first time ever the movie (The Wrath of the Titans) my partner and i went to watch was delayed for 40 minutes before (it was supposed to have started at 8.20pm (i know that they were probably trying to fill the cinema with more customers but 50 minutes (including commercials) of waiting !!!) To make matters worse, they were senseless enough to still play the ads, and then halfway thru the movie, the screen went blank for a few seconds, and towards the end, a trailer was played simultaneously ! DON'T EVER SUPPORT GSC 1U, i never expected a cinema in PJ can do this, not even in small towns did we ever experience this ! At Kudos to TGV, so far all the TGVs we've been to starts on time (I myself can't believe this being a Malaysian since punctuality is not one of our good habits :-p)