Thursday, December 16, 2010


Sitiawan cinema 

As a debut of this blog,I would like to introduce my hometown the only one cinema--Big Cinemas Lotus Five Stars that located in Sitiawan.

Arasu Cinema

Before it change the name to Lotus Five Star,it's former name is Arasu cinema,a very traditional old cinema that only have 1 movie screening in a big and old hall.As a trend of comfortable environment,more movie choices in a cinema,they decided to renovate it and change it to 4 hall and changed their name and under Big Cinemas.And it finally launched in May 2008.

So how was it after renovate and launch??Of course is better than previous one,now let me introduce the facilities of cinema to u all.

Box office counter's staff who wearing uniform and using computer sell ticket,let customer choose the seat..Almost cinemas do that,last time Arasu just hire an uncle sit inside simply write the ticket,that is a big difference than last time.
Now,you can even using your iPhone to book your movie ticket.Details here
Tips:The phone booking actually not work,try many times before and they didn't pick up the phone

The movie ticket

Concession counter

How come a cinema didn't have concession counter?This is the main income of a cinema,the income is more than movie ticket.Last time Arasu just like a sundry shop,selling many things.This is more systematic,they selling popcorn,drinks,some junk food and even have combo set.
P/s:Personal think that they can do better than this like selling hot dogs?

Now,Big Cinemas Lotus Five Stars have 4 hall,2 hall each up and down and total have 812 seats.
Remember to go in on time of your show,no advertisement but only trailer before the show start.The maximum trailer they will put is 3 movie(5 mins)
Everythings is good inside,just the seat are too small and the air conditioner are too cold.Remember to bring jacket inside because is freezing cold inside,especially the night show.
Rate 7/10 for the watching movie place.


About the toilet also very important for a cinema.The toilet here is clean,both up and ground floor have toilet.Oh ya,you only can use toilet once u tear your ticket go inside,outside don't have.Go toilet before show start,the staff will not allow u go to toilet again when the show end.

Here is my first post of the cinema that I visit recently.Stay tuned for more post.


No. 854
Jalan Mohd Ali

32000, Sitiawan

Phone number

Foursquare check-in

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