Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Tourist

The Tourist

Sorry for the past few weeks of year end holiday mood and new year-lag,this is my 1st blog post of 2011 and promise will blog more in this new year.
Ok,let's back to this movie.First,the box office in North America was not good($60 million) and the total of worldwide grosses is only $160 million.A class actor and actress but B class result,what's wrong with this movie?Audience's fault?
My answer is--NO and the main problem is old Angelina Jolie and the normal Johnny Depp.

Angelina Jollie

As she getting more older,grab someone's husband and be the mum of many children,Angelina Jolie not as hot as last time.She no longer be the 1st choice of sexy girl in men heart.She should change the way to act,having some different performance and character that she never done before in others type of movie.Fighting and sexy not suitable for her anymore(Admit it,Megan Foxx is more hotter than her a lot).When she still want to walk the old way,that's the result that audience told her--OLD.

Johnny Depp

Which Johnny Depp that you all like?I love his weird character by exaggerated performances,not many dialogue but his face and action will make u laugh and love him in a second until the end of the movie.But inside this movie,his character was too normal,like anyone can act this character.You will not feel Johnny Depp 'appear' inside it,the character without Johnny Depp soul.

After talking so many about marketing,let's talk about the story and the performance of the actor.Slower pace is the weakness of this movie.If your dialouge was interesting,know how to tell a good story,I don't mind be slow.But this is a commercial film,everything must be fast,fast until no time for audience to breath!No sex scene for Angelina Jolie let this movie more dry.
A good movie will have question to audience and told the answer in the end.But no question about Alexander Pearce and suddenly we know that Frank Tupelo actually is Alexander Pearce in the end will let us our heart then feel nothing go out from the cinema.Ya,now you know that the importance of a question??

Friday, December 24, 2010

Tanjong Golden Village(TGV) 1 Utama

Tanjong Golden Village

Welcome back to the cinema introduction blog post,this is my 2nd post about introducing cinema to you all!Because this blog is quite new,so I would like to introduce some smaller cinema to you all first to train my writing skill.So today I choose to introduce TGV 1 Utama to you all

1 Utama

Actually this cinema located in a very strategic place but unfortunately GSC who located in New Wing become the first choice for the shopper to watch movie.But,who say small isn't good??You will find somethings good about TGV 1 Utama too.
The birth of multiplexes in Malaysia began with TGV 1 Utama. Built in 1995,it revolutionised the movie-going scene and experience by introducing the multiplex concept. 

Box Office Counter

If you ask me what's the selling point of this cinema and my answer will be only one word--CHEAP!!The most expensive ticket is only RM9 and the cheapest ticket is RM6!How to find such a cheapest way to spent for a good movie?Here is the place.Imagine the weekend crowd and expensive ticket like RM12-13 for a normal screening movie,you will definately choose here to watch because less queue here and the cheap price.
For further more information about ticket selling price,you can click HERE

Movie Ticket

Here always my first choice for movie rather than New Wing that cinema when I am at 1 Utama,because I am using student card  and the price only...RM6

Concession Counter

The concession counter located beside the entrance of the hall.The crowd always more than people who buying movie ticket,weird right?My advice is you buy F&B first after that just buy movie ticket or if watching movie with friends,maybe you can buy ticket and your friend queue at here.Crowd will be increasing especially the big movie or the last minute b4 show start.
Nothing special about here,popcorn,softdrink,junk food,HotDogs and corn...Typical Malaysian cinema concession menu.

Entrance to the hall

 You can only enter the hall once the hall number show in the screen up there.My thought about this place is small and not convenient,this show that when a movie had so many audience,long queue here to enter the cinema.And I guess that not many people like to go up by stairs,right?

Here's the view when you go up.It total have 7 halls and 1612 seats.1-5 hall just walk straight and 6-7 hall turn right.

The view from upstairs

 Inside the hall

Here same as others TGV cinema,the seats from up to down.Sorry to say that the seats really small for me,but the good thing is here not as cold as other cinema.
The trailer+advertisement time before show start is 15 min,no need rush to go inside and take your time.
Tips:Sometimes the old movie(over 1 week++) screen quality will be bad,only choose some big Hollywood movie watched here


After show the exit not same as others cinema go to the end of the door and walk out!No,you must go out the hall and the exit near Hall 1.Don't waste your time to go to the door,just trust me!!


Wait wait wait,where is the toilet of here?The toilet is not inside,is at outside.Gentle reminder that better go to toilet befor show start,if you want go toilet in the middle of the show,you need to come out with ticket and go toilet,after that just go in.Making trouble to us,right?

Here is the entrance of toilet,beside the counter ticket.
Rate 5/10 for the movie watching place,still have more place to improve.


Level 2
One Utama Shopping Centre

47800, Petaling Jaya

Phone number



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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale

 Ok,I know this maybe got a bit late because this movie almost 1 month in Malaysia already..Sorry,that time I still not blogging and I try to blog some movie that still new or still screening in cinema..Lucky it still in the cinema,so I have the reason to blog it.

Ok,here's the first question of this movie..Did it worth to watch by 3D or just normal screen?My answer is normal screen,save money and energy because it was 'FAKE' 3D for me.Because of Avatar ,many movie like to make it by '3D' to grab the $$.When you watched that kind of movie,you will dissapointed because only a few part have 3D effect,your eye will tired and somemore the people who not understanding well in English will try their best to understand it.
Conclusion is...Watch normal screen!!

Actually did you find some similarity of this animation compare than others?Ya,that have rule in Disney or cartoon movie in the market.For the first episode,the main character will meet in a weird or not happy place,girls will scared or dislike guys.After that they will went for adventure(I don't know why got so many adventure for them to experience),in the journey almost making audience laugh,then one of them or both will start to like each other,but when they want to be togather the 'test' will come too.The favourite part that audience like most is the touch scene,maybe someone will die or learn a moral value.
Like a kid story right?That's why it screening in year end holiday.Maybe I should find it out why audience will buy this concept or story.
Oh ya,actually I am telling you this movie story out,it also will be animation method for the future 5 years?Haha

 Ok,now is time to praise this movie after saying many bad(truth) things about it.Personally think that Disney strongest part is musical,even Universal can't fight with them.The music,lyrics with action that they sing are so meaningful and funny,I am really enjoy it.
Oh ya,the another part that I like is when Rapunzel escape from that high tower helped by Eugene,sometimes she crazy happily,sometimes she emo and sad.The impact of film editing,one type of montage.


All the funny part that I find in this movie is from this horse,Maximus.A horse that can smell,searching,fighting,thinking,rescue...What a horse is this?Without this character,this movie will not be interesting,the laughing sound will be lesser in the cinema.It entertain me a lot

Overall this is a movie for kid during year end holiday,if you don't mind to watch the repeating scene that I mention,feel free go to cinema for a watch!!By the way,you will not cry but you just will laugh a bit in this movie,all things are so surface and not a movie can touch my heart.
Feel free to drop comment about this movie

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Social Network

The Social Network

What reason that attracted you to watch this movie?I think most of the answer is Facebook
Although I am not a Facebook user I need to admit that it's influence is big,500 million user is huge.
If it is a country,founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg will be 'President' of world 3rd largest country after China and India.

David Fincher

Except than this selling point of this movie,another reason that make this movie worth to watch is the director David Fincher .Well,if you don't know him but you sure know Brad Pitt,he is the director who always let Brad Pitt know how to 'act' others than other business movie who only know shows Brad Pitt handsome face.'Fight Club' and 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button' is his movie.
If you know David Fincher well,he is the best director who playing Montage well inside the movie,and what I predict came true,'The Social Network' using Montage from the beggining until the end.

The story of Facebook is true about the court case and of course as a movie should add something fake inside.Don't care about true or fake,actually inside the whole movie using Montage to bring out the whole court case process.What an idea from David Fincher,such a normal and easy things also can be a movie and let it be a classic one,really impressed about it.He totally control the whole movie and  let audience find it out which scene is Harvard Mark or CEO of Facebook themself.
Remember,a maturity movie will not tell you everything,find it out yourself and take some time to digest after watching the whole movie.

Jesse Eisenberg

As the main actor of this movie,Jesse Eisenberg really playing well inside the movie,especially the fluent and fast English,you need to concentrate to listen what he said.Every single word is point.But if you think he is the best actor inside the movie you are wrong,because someone is better than him.

Justin Timberlake

Pop music carrer is more famous and sucess than actor carrer actually being actor for some movie before but almost not a good movie,the worst is a movie won Golden Raspberry Awards before.Actually not his fault,he need a good movie too prove himself.'The Social Network' gave him a chance,and I think that his performance deserve norminated as best supporting actor in Oscar awards.he may be even better at acting than he is at singing.
Sean Parker starring by Justin was so real in the movie,the slang,act,playboy style...Omg,is that some bad movie trained his acting skill become so well and BOMB...All the acting skill show out in this movie,he deserve to win some awards or some awards like best improvement of the acting awards.
Ok,here is only a few comments about this movie...Hope you enjoy this movie and remember to catch it if you are still not watching,it is a must watch and one of the best movie in 2010.
Lastly,hope someone can give some comment about this movie or blog.Thank you

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Sitiawan cinema 

As a debut of this blog,I would like to introduce my hometown the only one cinema--Big Cinemas Lotus Five Stars that located in Sitiawan.

Arasu Cinema

Before it change the name to Lotus Five Star,it's former name is Arasu cinema,a very traditional old cinema that only have 1 movie screening in a big and old hall.As a trend of comfortable environment,more movie choices in a cinema,they decided to renovate it and change it to 4 hall and changed their name and under Big Cinemas.And it finally launched in May 2008.

So how was it after renovate and launch??Of course is better than previous one,now let me introduce the facilities of cinema to u all.

Box office counter's staff who wearing uniform and using computer sell ticket,let customer choose the seat..Almost cinemas do that,last time Arasu just hire an uncle sit inside simply write the ticket,that is a big difference than last time.
Now,you can even using your iPhone to book your movie ticket.Details here
Tips:The phone booking actually not work,try many times before and they didn't pick up the phone

The movie ticket

Concession counter

How come a cinema didn't have concession counter?This is the main income of a cinema,the income is more than movie ticket.Last time Arasu just like a sundry shop,selling many things.This is more systematic,they selling popcorn,drinks,some junk food and even have combo set.
P/s:Personal think that they can do better than this like selling hot dogs?

Now,Big Cinemas Lotus Five Stars have 4 hall,2 hall each up and down and total have 812 seats.
Remember to go in on time of your show,no advertisement but only trailer before the show start.The maximum trailer they will put is 3 movie(5 mins)
Everythings is good inside,just the seat are too small and the air conditioner are too cold.Remember to bring jacket inside because is freezing cold inside,especially the night show.
Rate 7/10 for the watching movie place.


About the toilet also very important for a cinema.The toilet here is clean,both up and ground floor have toilet.Oh ya,you only can use toilet once u tear your ticket go inside,outside don't have.Go toilet before show start,the staff will not allow u go to toilet again when the show end.

Here is my first post of the cinema that I visit recently.Stay tuned for more post.


No. 854
Jalan Mohd Ali

32000, Sitiawan

Phone number

Foursquare check-in

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The purpose of this Blog

Are you a movie lover?

Love to watch movie in Cinema?

Like to comment about movie and facilities after watching it?

If you have this kind of person,here's the place for you.

In this blog I will introduce the cinema that I visited to u all,let u all more know deep inside of the cinema,facilities,benefit and so on..Because it was based on my own experience,maybe some information will be wrong,welcome u all to correct it.

And about the movie comment,personally think that everyone will have own comment.I will write my own comment,if u agree then I appreciate it.But if u disagree,feel free to comment it.But please,I don't want anyone will be rude,attack,scold without any basic support.

Lastly,I am new here...Hope everyone will support this blog and give me some comment,thank you!!